Are you or a loved one struggling in relationships as a result of your emotional reactions, responses and behaviours?


Do any of these items apply to you or your loved one?

  • Are you having difficulties trusting anyone whatsoever?
  • Do you overly read negative intentions and motivations in others that are not easily shifted?
  • Are you persistently avoiding or having difficulties in intimate relationships?
  • Do you feel that everyone takes advantage of you or uses you?
  • Do you feel that other people are threatening you or dangerous without clear evidence that this is the case?
  • Are your emotions inappropriate to the situation at times (i.e., too excessive, too inhibited, or no emotion)?
  • Do others’ feelings seem not to matter to you?
  • Are you overly reactive to others’ emotional responses and needs?
  • Are you cold or distant, or overly emotional with others?
  • Are you prone to outbursts of anger?
  • Do you see things in black-and-white ways?
  • Have you done, or seriously thought of doing, cruel things to yourself or others?
  • Can you take advantage of others without caring about the impact on the other?
  • Do your moods fluctuate rapidly?
  • Do you quickly shift from overly positive views of yourself and others to extremely negative views of yourself and others?
  • Are your needs always more important than the needs of others?
  • Do you engage in self-destructive or reckless behaviours?
  • Are you terrified of being alone?
  • Are you overly orderly or perfectionistic?
  • Do you have difficulties receiving criticism or praise?
  • Do you exaggerate or distort thoughts, feelings, behaviours and meanings of events to gain attention or get your way?
  • Do others find you are rigid or stubborn in your thinking, reactions and views?

Help Is Available

If you said yes to any of the above, you might consider meeting with one of the highly trained mental health professionals in the Personality Treatment Service at CFIR. Our mental health professionals can support you to address your concerns, issues or struggles associated with the impact of your personality on your relationships.

Help is available right now for you and your loved ones. We also offer video-based appointments to fit our clients’ needs.

How do we help you or your loved one resolve personality-related difficulties?

We will:

  • Provide you with a confidential, compassionate and caring therapeutic relationship to support you to address the thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions that are at the root of your personality-related concerns
  • Offer you a comprehensive, individually-tailored assessment, including both evidence-based questionnaires and personal history-taking, for the purpose of understanding the cognitive, emotional and relationship factors at the root of your difficulties
  • Collaboratively set your treatment goals to ensure that your concerns and needs are being addressed
  • Employ relevant scientific, evidence-based treatments to help you achieve your treatment goals, including: Cognitive-Behavioural, Dialectical Behavioural, Ego State, Emotion-Focused, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic-Mentalization-Attachment-based and Systemic approaches
  • Outline various short, medium or long-term treatment options
  • Identify referrals to other professionals as needed

We help you or your loved one with personality-related difficulties by supporting you to:

  • Develop a more authentic, positive and whole sense of self and others
  • Gain a healthier sense of self and other boundaries
  • Acquire a stable, consistent sense of self and others
  • Better understand your own and others’ intentions, feelings, needs and motivations
  • Manage, identify and change negative and rigid thinking patterns, emotional reactions, behaviours and ways of relating to others
  • Identify and alter defenses and self-protective strategies that block self growth and connection to others
  • Understand and resolve the self and relationship issues at the root of difficult emotional reactions, behavioural expressions and relational patterns
  • Learn new ways of accessing and expressing adaptive emotions and needs
  • Adopt a more compassionate and accepting view of yourself and others
  • Acquire new capacities to create a more stable and secure sense of self and relationships

Find A Therapist

We have many mental health therapists at each of our locations who offer this service. Please select a location below to see a list: