I’m looking to figure out how best to move forward in my life. What assessment services might be best for me?

When individuals seek assessment services, they’re often looking for answers to certain problems in their lives. You might be wondering whether you or a loved one have ASD (Autism), ADHD, depression, anxiety, a learning disability, or any other mental health or neurodevelopmental disorder. At CFIR, our psychologists, psychometrists, supervised associates, residents, and students actively engage in working with you to develop a comprehensive assessment plan that asks the right questions for you, so that you can get the clarity, the answers, and (when relevant) the diagnoses that you need to support your continued growth and healing. 

As a way of determining which assessment might work best for your and/or your family’s needs, you can find a list of the current assessments that we offer at CFIR below. Please note that a variety of concerns can be assessed through the assessments listed, so be sure to follow up with us for a consultation to determine what might work best for you/your child/your family.

Click on the type of assessment for more specific details.


1. ASD (Autism) Assessment (ages 3-6 years)In Person$ 5,300
2. ASD (Autism) Assessment (ages 6-18 years)In Person$ 5,300
3. Psychoeducational Assessment (ages 6-18 years)In Person$ 4,240
4. Psychoeducational Assessment + ADHD (ages 6-18 years)In Person$ 4,240
5. Psychodiagnostic/Mental Health Assessment (ages 6-18 years)In Person$ 4,240


1. Brief Adult ASD (Autism) & Developmental AssessmentIn Person$ 2,650
2. Brief Adult ADHD AssessmentIn Person$ 2,650
3. Adult ADHD/ASD Combo AssessmentIn Person$ 4,240
4. Psychoeducational AssessmentIn Person$ 4,240
5. Psychodiagnostic/Mental Health Assessment
(e.g., depression/anxiety, alcohol and drug use
personality, interpersonal functioning)
Online or In Person

$ 2,650
6. Neuropsychological Assessment
(e.g., Concussions, Disability, Injury, Accident)
Online or In Person$ 4,240 – $ 5,300
7. Adoption AssessmentDepending on Country
$ 1,060 – $ 2,650
8. Couples & Pre-Marital AssessmentOnline or In Person$ 3,180
9. Fertility and Third-Party Reproduction AssessmentOnline or In Person$ 662.50 – $ 927.50
10. Immigration and Refugee AssessmentOnline or In Person$ 600 – $ 825
11. Risk Assessment* (Including Sexological Assessments)
*Typically Only Required by Court of Law
$ 4,240 + tax
12. Career and Vocational AssessmentOnline or In Person$ 2,650