Free Consultation

Free consultations are an opportunity for you to learn about how a mental health professional might be able to assist you with your difficulties.

For Adult Individual or Couples Therapy

Book an online free consultation in our virtual clinic to meet with a therapist at no charge for 30 minutes. If you are pleased with your free consult, you can then decide if you would like to book further sessions with the therapist you have met. You will have the option of choosing  a therapist that has in-person availability.

For All Assessments or for Child, Adolescent, or Family Therapy

Fill out our Consultation Form and you will be contacted by a member of our administration team.

Typical Fees

Psychologist: (Typical fee ranges from $190-$225.00)
Registered Psychotherapist/Therapist/Social Worker: (Typical fee ranges from $150-$170.00)
Clinical Psychology Resident: (Typical fee ranges from $150-$170.00)
Counsellors: (No Free Consults Available: Typical fee ranges from $90-$110.00)
Forensic Psychologist: (Typical fee ranges from $200-$225.00)

Psychological Assessment
Psychologist: (Typical fee ranges from $190-$225)
Neuropsychologist: (Typical fee ranges from $200-$225.00)
Forensic Psychologist: (Typical fee ranges from $200-$225.00)

Career Coach: (Typical fee ranges from $150-$200.00)

Rates per hour.