Professional Consultations

Associates at CFIR offer professional consultations to other professionals and organizations. A psychologist may provide other professionals, organizations or clients a consultation, usually consisting of one or two meetings.

The role of the psychologist is to provide expert advice based on his or her review of current professional and scientific literature and applied knowledge in his or her area of competency in an area of psychology. The information provided may be presented verbally and/or summarized in a report.

Fees are arranged directly with the Psychologist.

Workshops For Organizations

The cost of absenteeism to government departments, non-governmental and private sector businesses due to psychological difficulties have been growing. Depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout account for a significant amount of employee sick days, and use of both short-term and long-term workplace insurance benefits.

To improve the quality of mental health in the workplace, Associates at CFIR offer workshop sessions (i.e., mornings or during lunch) to your employees on a wide range of topics that are critical for your employees’ wellness, including depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, life-work-family balance, workplace relationships, communication, problem-solving and negotiation strategies, and mindfulness stress reduction.

Fees may vary from no cost to the psychologist’s hourly rate.

Program Director: Dr. Dino Zuccarini, C.Psych.