Toronto Team

Yvanna Zakrzewski, B.Comm.

You’ve arrived at this point through intentional steps, not by chance. This journey may have stirred uneasy emotions, but your presence here proves your courage and determination. Despite the allure of other activities, you’ve chosen to prioritize personal growth by considering therapy—a demonstration of your commitment to enhancing and enriching your life. This first step involves considering the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships and selecting the right therapist for your needs. Your feelings of being supported, understood, and safe are paramount, and I would be privileged to assist you on your journey of self-discovery and renewal. I’ve included an overview of my background and competency and a proposal on collaborating effectively.

I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in clinical and counselling psychology at Adler Graduate Professional School. As part of my academic journey, I am undertaking a practicum at the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships under Dr. Lila Hakim’s supervision.

In my individual therapy practice, I assist clients in navigating various challenges. I offer support to those grappling with anxiety and depression, individuals encountering obstacles in current relationships or seeking clarity on past relational issues, as well as those overwhelmed by workplace stress. Furthermore, I provide compassionate guidance to individuals coping with the aftermath of traumatic life events, such as unexpected transitions into caregiver roles, bereavement, and experiences of emotional or physical abuse. I also assist clients wrestling with existential dilemmas, aiding them in finding solace and understanding as they navigate questions of life’s purpose, meaning, and the pursuit of a fulfilling existence.

Building on my experience, I am passionate about assisting couples in navigating various relationship challenges. This encompasses issues spanning from sexual and emotional intimacy to effectively managing conflicts in daily life. I am dedicated to enhancing emotional connections, redefining notions of pleasure, and facilitating healing ruptures following betrayals. Additionally, I am invested in conducting couples and pre-marital assessments to empower partners in recognizing their strengths, addressing difficulties, and identifying areas for growth within their relationship.

In a first visit with me, I invite you to share your present struggles, hurdles, and sources of stress, considering how they may hinder your pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful life. Together, we’ll embark on a collaborative journey to pinpoint your core challenges and establish therapeutic goals, laying the groundwork for our subsequent sessions. Moreover, delving into the origins of these challenges allows me to grasp the depth and pervasiveness of your concerns, enabling us to allocate our therapeutic efforts purposefully. I invite you to clarify values by exploring the personal qualities that you want to cultivate, how you want to treat yourself, what kind of relationships you want to build and how you want to show up in your relationships, what you want to take away from a crisis or challenging situation, which domains of life are most important to you, and importantly, how you want to grow and develop as a human being. I aim to foster a genuine connection with you rooted in sincerity, empathy, and profound respect for your unique life experiences and journey.

I prioritize a holistic approach that integrates diverse cultural perspectives and acknowledges the impact of trauma on individuals. I deeply respect each person’s unique inner wisdom and life experiences, recognizing both their strengths and the challenges they may face. My therapeutic approach is grounded in psychodynamic, emotionally focused, cognitive-behavioural, and existential frameworks. Drawing from a range of evidence-based practices, including psychodynamic-attachment interventions, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I tailor my approach to suit the individual needs of each client. Furthermore, having received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, I integrate mindfulness techniques into my therapeutic toolkit to enhance clients’ self-awareness and coping strategies.

Prior to psychology, I earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto. My professional background spans over 15 years within the Toronto finance community. I’ve held diverse roles throughout my career, including those focused on providing executive coaching and support to C-Suite members. In addition to psychology, being passionate about integrative medicine, I founded a patient advocacy group of integrative medicine advocates to push integrative healthcare reform in Ontario.

I continuously refine and learn new therapeutic approaches to assist my clients better. I am a student member of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI).