Toronto Team

Dr. Meg Aston-Lebold, Psy.D., C.Psych.

Psychotherapy can help you cope more effectively with life’s challenges, think about things in new and different ways, and make important changes in your life. I applaud you for starting your journey by selecting a psychologist that can address your specific needs and concerns. I have supported numerous adolescents, adults and couples to overcome barriers to leading more fulfilling and meaningful lives—and would be honoured to be a part of your process of renewal, self and relationship growth.

In individual therapy, I see adolescents and adults facing a wide range of personal struggles, including depression, mood and grief, and challenges managing debilitating anxiety (e.g., general anxiety, social anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive, and post-traumatic stress). I also journey with clients to heal in the aftermath of traumatic experiences involving emotional, physical or sexual abuse and emotional and physical neglect—to understand and overcome the lingering impact these experiences can have. I support individuals to build a more resilient sense of self by addressing issues related to self-esteem, self-confidence and identity, to navigate significant life transitions (e.g., loss, breakups, job/career change, pre/post marital counseling, mid-life crises) and to resolve past and current relationship issues. I have a particular interest in addressing issues pertaining to career and professional development (i.e., career assessment and counseling for workplace related issues) to help you find the career path this is best suited for you, or resolve issues pertaining to occupational stress and burnout.

I also support couples in their efforts to improve their emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy and can help with the process of relationship repair following difficult relationship experiences, such as infidelity and betrayals. I help partners develop more effective communication patterns and more empathic approaches to one another to manage conflicts over finances, parenting, family stress, and to support each other through life’s challenges.

To help you overcome your challenges, I focus on creating a safe and inviting atmosphere in which you will feel comfortable exploring your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In an initial session, we will work together to identify a focus for our work together. We will also identify your personal areas of strength so that your own strengths can be harnessed for the purpose of your growth and renewal. As we progress, we may broaden our understanding of your presenting issue(s) by assessing how and why the problem(s) developed. This may involve an exploration of significant experiences or relationships from your past. I will also conduct a thorough assessment of your difficulties, including the use of scientific, evidence-based questionnaires and personal history taking to better understand the nature and scope of your difficulties and to identify any relevant diagnoses to inform treatment. Using the knowledge gained from our discussions (and any potential test results), I will help you develop strategies to foster positive change that is congruent with your personal worldview and values.

Given my clinical interests and experiences, I am currently the Co-Head of the Anxiety, Stress, & Obsessive-Compulsive Service, the Career & Workplace Service, the Depression, Mood & Grief Service, and the Self-Growth & Self-Esteem Service. I am also the lead for various assessment services, including the Attention Deficit & ADHD Assessment Service, the Career & Vocational Assessment Service, and the Couple & Pre-Marital Assessment Service, and value providing scientific, evidence-based assessments to our clients. As a Head of Service, I develop programs and guide service delivery on the basis of evidence-based scientific research and provide clinical training to advanced doctoral students in clinical and counseling psychology.

I completed my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a focus on understanding ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, cultural and religious, age, and disability diversity. I am committed to keeping up-to-date in all aspects of my clinical work. I remain aware of current theoretical developments and research findings and continue to develop my own expertise through independent readings, attending workshops, and classes. I am an active member of professional associations, and attend psychology conferences to update my knowledge. I am also involved in clinical supervision of mental health professionals in training.

I am a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Psychological Association.