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Daniela Levi, M.Ed, M.S.W.

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If you are reading these lines, you are looking to bring about a meaningful change in your life. You might be affected by anxiety, depression, and/or a struggle with your emotions. These difficulties often impinge on one’s relationships, from romantic ones to friendships and colleagues. Suffering is a common denominator of the human experience, but it doesn’t have to stay the way it is now. We can work together to relieve some of it by finding out where it comes from and by developing more helpful coping mechanisms.

I am currently completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (EdD) at the University of Toronto. I am completing my practicum at the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships, under the supervision of Dr. Melodie Brown, D.Psy., C.Psych.

In the therapy room, I will be directive, but we will also collaborate on choosing your goals for therapy and I will explore with you the type of treatment that best suits you.

I value my relationship with my clients, and I will regularly check in with you about your experience of your progress and our work together.

In my practice, I have gained experience treating clients who were diagnosed with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. Often there was an overlap with self-harming behaviours and suicidality. In my work, I have also encountered people from all backgrounds and identities, ranging from immigrants and refugees, second generations, members of the LGBTQ+ community, to people with various socio-economic statuses.

As a doctoral student, I conduct supervised research on the effect that relationships with early caregivers have on our choices of friendships and romantic partners. I am currently registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).