What’s the difference between a psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker and counsellor at CFIR?

Registered Psychologists

Registered psychologists are the most extensively trained professionals in the application of psychological treatments. Psychologists will have completed a Ph.D. in psychology and have acquired specific competencies in the treatment of populations based on their extensive training experiences (e.g., competency in adult, couple, child and family, rehabilitation, health, neuropsychology, forensics, organizational). Prior to practice, they will have completed upwards of 3000-4000 hours of supervised clinical training in hospitals, community and private settings, numerous courses in assessment, diagnosis, theory and treatment, and would have completed a one-year internship. Upon graduation, psychologists complete one year of supervised practice, and during this year must pass an ethics exam, a professional psychology exam and an oral exam by the College of Psychologists prior to autonomous practice.

At CFIR, all psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors are supervised by registered psychologists to ensure that treatment is optimal to address your concerns and needs.

Psychotherapists and Social Workers

Psychotherapists and social workers have received graduate training, and typically have Master’s degrees in their field. These individuals will have completed numerous courses in theory and treatment, and would have completed upward of 750 hours of training prior to graduation. These professionals are registered with either the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario or Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists requires completion of an ethics exam for psychotherapists. Many psychotherapists and social workers continue to build their treatment credentials after graduation. Neither of these professions can provide a diagnosis.

Counsellors at CFIR

Counsellors at CFIR are completing graduate degrees (i.e., Ph.D. in clinical or counselling psychology, M.A. in clinical or counselling psychology) and are completing their final practicums and internships at our setting. They will already have had placements in a variety of community and hospital settings prior to their clients at our Centre. They are also well-versed in applying evidence-based interventions to help you with your difficulties and concerns.

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