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➊ Required Email

Each individual must register their own personal email to be able to activate their ClientConnect portal.

Fill out this short form if you did not already provide yours.

➋ Activation Support

The last week of January 2022 each individual will receive by email the login credentials.

If by January 31st, 2022 you are experiencing difficulties with the activation, please fill out this support form.


I’m trying to activate ClientConnect but it will not take my date of birth.

In order to facilitate the process, we defaulted the date of birth to 01/01/1930 or January 01, 1930. Once activated highly suggest you modify this fictitious date of birth to yours in the About Me section.

I am trying to book appointments in SuperSaas for after January 31st, 2022 but the system will not let me.

This is normal. As of Sunday January 23rd, 2022 there will be a freeze on booking appointments dating January 31st, 2022 and beyond.

You will be able to resume booking as of the ClientConnect go-live date of Monday January 31st, 2022 but this time directly from ClientConnect.

Your therapist’s SuperSaas scheduler will remain available to consult until the end of March 2022. Booking new appointments will not be permitted. This to allow you to see your session historic as well as recuperating your Huddle link if you therapist is using Huddle.

Will I find my invoices prior to January 31, 2022 in ClientConnect?

This is not currently possible due to the complexity of the process and potential errors we want to avoid. Invoices for sessions and services dating January 31, 2022 and before will not be found in ClientConnect. If not already paid in full, you will continue receiving those invoices via email.

Will I be able to pay via ClientConnect for invoices dated January 31, 2022 and before?

Please continue paying invoices dated January 31, 2022 and before via our payment page

I am the/one of the parents of my child or dependant and I need to have access to their ClientConnect account to manage it.

Please contact us at and tell us you would like to be added as a surrogate mentioning the name of your dependant. Surrogacy will allow you to manage your dependant’s appointment, pay invoices, etc., as if it were your own account.

Once you are added as a surrogate, you will be asked to choose if you want to log in your own account or in the surrogate account.

I think my therapist accepts In-Office appointments. How do I know when I can book one and how to book it?

By default all sessions booked through ClientConnect are Online sessions.

Your therapist will let you know if they accept In-Office sessions and they should let you know which days they happen. You usually could see those details in ClientConnect.

1- Login to ClientConnect
2- Click on My Services, then Timeline
3- Click on one of the title of the opening of the service you are assigned. In the example below, you would click on “Opened: Counselling”

Then on the next page, below the picture of the therapist you would find the specifics. The text could show “I provide Online & In-Office sessions”, or something like “I provide Online & In-Office sessions. In-Office on Mondays only”.

Then you can book your appointment as usual but please ensure :

1- You leave the Video Session box unticked

2- You add a comment in the Message box

In ClientConnect I can see my invoices. When I view them, the bottom notes mention it is not a suitable document for insurance purposes. Will you provide me with something I can submit?

Of course. The invoices you see in the MY ACCOUNT section contain a lot of detailed information that would be unnecessary for insurers. It is preferable you do not provide those in order to avoid potential investigations or delays in your insurance claim processing.

Once an invoice is fully paid, you will receive a document that can serve as official receipt in ClientConnect. That document will have all the prescribed information to submit to your insurer. This will be made available within 24 business hours.

I have a dependant and I would like to manage my dependant’s ClientConnect account. Is this possible?


The surrogate feature in ClientConnect allows another Individual to act on behalf of the client (with whom they have a relationship with). This feature allows an Individual to manage all aspects of another Individual’s ClientConnect account.

A Surrogate is typically, but not limited to, one of the parents of a child or adolescent. They would be able to make appointments, pay for invoices, fill out documents, etc… in the name of the dependant. When the surrogate logs in to ClientConnect, they will be asked which profile they want to use: theirs or that of their dependant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the dependant and the surrogate have to have their own district email address registered with us otherwise surrogacy will not work.

Funders (entities that ONLY pay the invoices of a client) like WSIB, Medavie BlueCross, a lawyer’s firm, etc.. are not surrogates. Some parents that only pay for invoices can fall into this category. Funder do not have access to ClientConnect and, therefore, cannot view or pay invoices, cannot manage appointments, etc.

I have a dependant and I would like to have access to paying their invoices only. Is this possible?

Although it is possible you will not have access to your dependant’s ClientConnect account. They will have to communicate you the invoice information (invoice number and amount) or save and email you the invoice. Our website page for payments will give you indications on how to pay via Interac E-Transfers and has a Paypal portal.

It would be a good idea to contact our Receptionists via email at and ask them to add you to your dependant’s account as a contact for payment purposes.

My therapist uses Huddle for teletherapy meetings. Will I be changing links?

Huddle permanent room links will not change unless you change therapists. Please keep it bookmarked as they will not necessarily be visible now in ClientConnect.

If you were to start seeing another therapist, a new Huddle link would be provided and you would see it in ClientConnect under ABOUT ME in the contacts area.

My therapist uses SecureVideo for teletherapy meetings. How will I be notified of the link for each session?

SecureVideo links change at every meeting. As soon as it is booked in the SecureVideo portal, the link will appear under CALENDAR / UPCOMING tab. Simply locate the date of the event and the link will be showing. Click on the link or copy it and paste it in your browser.

The link may be available only very close to the date of the appointment.