Helping You with Prenatal Care

by: Dr. Lila Z. Hakim, C.Psych.

Maintaining physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy and while preparing for birth is important. Numerous medical tests, nutritional issues, home preparations for the newborn, and other life adjustments are required. Couple partners can sometimes become anxious about managing these changes, overwhelmed by the adjustments required, and struggle to work effectively as a team to manage medical, nutritional, and lifestyle alterations associated with pregnancy. There is a multitude of tasks to attend to in preparation for birth and a newborn. For some individuals and couples, this transition can be a significant source of distress.

If pregnancy complications occur, partners can experience intense negative emotions and anxiety. Some partners have difficulties supporting each other as they try to make sense of the available medical information, and strain in the relationship may emerge at this time.

Psychologists and clinicians at CFIR are well-educated about the medical, nutritional, and lifestyle alterations that are typically faced during pregnancy. We support self and partner care throughout pregnancy and work to create a solid relationship between partners during this period.

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You Don’t Need to Be Alone Through Pregnancy Termination

by: Dr. Lila Z. Hakim, C. Psych.

The decision to end a pregnancy can come about for many reasons (e.g., medical factors, interpersonal or sexual trauma, not feeling ready or having the desire to engage in parenthood). For some individuals, considering whether or not to end a pregnancy may come with many emotions including confusion, guilt, shame, or grief. Some individuals may have difficulties coming to terms with perceived social or family pressures. In addition, the medical process of terminating a pregnancy can be physically and emotionally difficult for some women.

This distress can add to the layers of emotional distress already experienced as a result of the decision to terminate the pregnancy. At times, difficult or conflicting emotions may not surface until after the termination has occurred. Accessing professional support can be an important means to fully process the complex feelings related to a pregnancy termination.

Psychologists and clinicians at CFIR are committed to providing a safe therapeutic environment wherein each individual is respected and can feel free to fully discuss all aspects of their decision to end a pregnancy. The clinicians provide emotional support and resources to clients facing such decisions, and help them to navigate through the complex thoughts and feelings they may experience.

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