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Dr. Melodie Britt, Psy.D., C.Psych., Co-Founder CFIR St. Catharines

Sometimes life can become overwhelming, whether that’s because of our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, difficulties within our relationships or traumatic events.  We try to cope with life’s difficulties as best as we can, but sometimes realize that we need extra help to feel better. Seeking out professional help is a very courageous and admirable decision, and I can’t wait to meet with you and help you through your journey of facing your difficulties and healing!

In individual therapy, I work with adults who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, stress, depression, negative emotions, emotion regulation, trauma, ADHD, relationship difficulties, sexuality, parenting, and self-growth. In couple’s therapy, I work with partners who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties such as communication struggles, conflicts, emotional/physical/sexual intimacy, trust, infidelity, betrayals, infertility, parenting and more. With respect to fertility counselling, I work with individuals and couples who need support in preparation for assisted reproduction, conception difficulties, pregnancy loss, perinatal and post-partum experiences, as well as decision-making in family-building. 

During our first sessions together, we will work to establish a trusting therapeutic relationship; it is important that you feel safe and comfortable during our time together. We will also discuss the difficulties that brought you to therapy and work together to establish your therapeutic goals. We will then complete a comprehensive, scientific-based assessment for you to gain a better understanding of your struggles and their origins. This will help us establish a personalized treatment plan for you that will help you reach your therapeutic goals.

In therapy, I use various psychological treatment approaches and strategies that are proven effective to help you achieve your goals, such as Psychodynamic & Psychoanalytic therapies, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We will decide together how to tailor different approaches to best suit your unique needs. 

Over the last few years, I have provided psychological treatments at the Clinique de Services Psychologique de l’UQO (CSPUQO), & psychological treatments and assessments in psychiatry (inpatients and outpatients) at the Pierre-Janet Hospital Centre. I have also given workshops on ADHD to children, adolescents, and adults for them to develop behavioral and self-regulation skills. At CFIR, I have been conducting psychodiagnostic assessments with adults, and psychotherapy with couples and adults. I am also a clinical supervisor, and the centre director and co-founder of CFIR St. Catharines. 

I am currently registered as an autonomous psychologist by the College of Psychologist of Ontario, and as a clinical psychologist by the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. I am also a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society and the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance.