Toronto Team

Yaoxin Zhang, MA, MsEd

Life can be difficult. Everyone, at some point, is tasked with the challenge of learning how to deal with their distressing thoughts and feelings as well as behaviours that interfere with reaching valued goals. I am honoured to be able to provide a safe and supportive space and use my expertise as a mental health provider to help individuals navigate these complex times.

With 7 years of professional training and practice, I am adept at assisting people with processing strong emotions associated with depression, anxiety, stress and trauma and helping them to make tangible changes in their lives that can enhance their sense of fulfillment and purpose. Notably, I have practiced internationally (U.S. and United Kingdom) and am sensitive to and skilled at helping individuals dealing with issues associated with immigration, discrimination and cultural identity.

Therapy with me would start with an initial assessment session to understand your presenting issue and history. I will conduct an assessment using scientifically validated tools to help both of us gain a deeper understanding of the nature of your distress. This will help us define and refine your goals and establish a personalized treatment plan. Subsequent counselling sessions would focus on exploration, insight and helping you make meaningful behavioural changes. To assist individuals, I draw from various empirically supported psychological approaches including cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused, psychodynamic and mindfulness-based therapies.

My work at CFIR is supervised by Dr. Lila Hakim, C. Psych.

My approach is supported by my experience practicing in various settings within local communities and private and university clinics. I hold two master’s degrees in counselling psychology: one from the University of Pennsylvania and a second from the University of Edinburgh. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Toronto. My research has focused on counselling in a Chinese context and Asian healing traditions. Some relevant publications are listed below.

Moodley, R., Azarshahi, S., Raghunandan, R., Bojuwoye, O., Zhang, Y. (2021). Beyond the talking cure: Global south psychologies. Manuscript in preparation for edited volume on Global Healing Traditions.

Zhang, Y. (2019). Accessing and transforming core emotional pain in a case of emotion-focused therapy for depression. China Journal of Multimedia & Network Teaching, 10, 245-247

Zhang, Y, Jiang, Y., &. Hou, H. (2019). The influence of cultural background on mentorship: a case study of an Indian mentor and a Chinese mentee. Manuscript in preparation for edited volume on Mentoring Interventions for First Generation College Students.



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