Toronto Team

Annabelle Torsein, M. A.

We all encounter challenges at some point in our lives where we are faced with difficult and distressing thoughts, emotions or relationship experiences. At times we can resolve these challenges on our own, and at other times we may need support to move forward. When you are in this position, reaching out can be a difficult thing to do but be assured that making this choice is a meaningful step to facing your challenges head on. I am privileged to work with people as they engage in this demanding and transformative work, and I look forward to connecting if you choose to work with me.

I work with clients facing a range of difficulties related to mood (e.g., depression, sadness, grief), anxiety (e.g., generalized anxiety, fears and phobias, stress), childhood and adulthood traumatic events, sleep (e.g., insomnia), and the psychological impacts of health conditions. In addition, as someone who made a significant change in career from working as an actor to training to become a psychologist, I know first-hand how to support individuals dealing with significant life transitions including changes in career/profession, life stages (e.g., early adulthood), and other important life changes. Regardless of what difficulties you present to therapy with, I strive to create a warm, non-judgmental, and collaborative space in therapy to support you to overcome your challenges. I also work consciously to create a space that is anti-racist and LGBTQ2IA-positive so that clients from all backgrounds feel welcomed.

During your first visit, we will focus on discussing and understanding the current challenges you are facing and your goals for therapy, as well as the strengths and coping skills you have to support your therapy process. Following an assessment that involves gathering information about you and your difficulties in various ways (i.e., in-session conversation, scientifically-based questionnaires), I will share with you my professional opinion regarding what you are experiencing, including any possible psychological diagnoses if applicable, and we will work together to build a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique concerns and needs. The approach we will use to assessment and treatment is scientifically-based; that is, I am trained in and use psychological treatments that are proven to be effective, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness-based therapies, emotion-focused therapy (EFT), motivational interviewing (MI), and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). These treatments are integrated, or brought together, in ways that address your unique difficulties and style of healing. Throughout therapy, we will check-in with each other to ensure therapy is on the right track and you are making the changes you want.

My clinical training began at Ryerson University, where I completed my Master’s degree in clinical psychology and I am now working toward completing my doctoral degree. Over the past six years, I have provided psychological assessment and treatment services in various clinical settings, including St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, the Sleep and Depression Laboratory, and Sunnybrook Hospital. I have provided psychological treatments targeting the following issues: mood and anxiety disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, grief, and low self-esteem. I also have experience with psychodiagnostic assessments, and in the co-supervision of junior psychology students conducting assessments.

My research interests lie in the areas of community psychology and program evaluation. I have written three commissioned reports that summarize the findings of the program evaluations that I have conducted for a charitable organization. I enjoy teaching, and I have had the opportunity to give several guest lectures on various psychological topics (e.g., attachment styles, memory, mood and anxiety disorders in children).

At the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships (CFIR), I am a Clinical Psychology Resident under the supervision of Dr. Lila Z. Hakim, C.Psych., and Dr. Aleks Milosevic, C.Psych. I am a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and Ontario Psychological Association.




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