Toronto Team

Alice Sugarman, B.B.A., B.Sc.

One of the first steps on the journey of self-discovery is realizing that what is distressing you is difficult to face. You can be proud of your movement forward. Finding a therapist who is a good fit for you is also important. I look forward to supporting you on your journey forward.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals on their journey to self-discovery. I have worked with individuals dealing with a variety of stressors in their lives including with anxiety, depression, and learning challenges, as well as people who are more generally focusing on self-growth. I am committed to support individuals who are working through transitions in their life or facing a life change. I have worked with young adults dealing with recent and extensive changes in their lives, including improving their independence and managing anxiety, as well as adults from many differing socio-cultural identities who aim to thrive in new environments. I also work with individuals who are seeking to strengthen their relationships or want to work through traumatic experiences.

In our first session, I will to listen to your story in order to come to a deeper understanding what is important for you in your life. In the beginning, I will ask you questions about what has brought you to therapy by discussing what is happening presently for you, as well as what has occurred in your life previously. We will reach below the surface and address what lies beneath, using both the assessments and our relationship to address what is most distressing and work towards positive outcomes.

During our time together, I will provide a supportive and understanding space where I will help you to face and gain insight into your distressing thoughts and emotions. I believe in an integrative approach to clinical practice. My approach involves utilizing different types of theories and models including key concepts of human development, attachment, and mindful-based strategies. Through therapy, we examine different parts of your life– where you are coming from as well as what is surrounding you on the outside and residing on the inside. With the ability to integrate different ideas, I can take a unique approach that will work best for you.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with people who have learning challenges achieve positive changes in their daily present lives and how best to work with their abilities. I have also assisted people in using their voice to advocate for themselves so that they were able to get the support they needed to be successful. I have worked and trained as a life coach, working with individuals who were looking to make a change in their lives.

Currently, I am completing my Master’s in clinical psychology at Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto. Currently my research focuses on self-efficacy and academics. I hold Honours Bachelors degrees in both Business Administration and Psychology from Trent University. My past research has examined adolescent development, childhood self-control, and academic achievement