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Ottawa Team

Reesa Packard, M.A., Ph.D., R.P.

I see clients in my practice for several reasons. Sometimes they are facing something especially hard, and sometimes they have not felt quite right for a while. Sometimes they are feeling anxious, or depressed, or they are struggling in a relationship or with work. Sometimes, too, people come in because they are looking for support in reaching new heights and expressing the potential that they feel they have, but struggle to see manifest.

To help these people, there are a few different ways that I work. A person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours, body, and spirit all make up who they are, and a psychotherapy process can involve targeting one or more of those parts. I work with many tools and strategies that are evidence-based, meaning that research has found them effective in helping people learn what to do to feel better in a difficult moment. I also work to find the root cause of what is going on, so that we can learn how the person began not feeling well to begin with. With that information, we can start to rework patterns and create insights so that over time, the person can grow to feel more consistently better.

Regardless of which specific psychotherapeutic modality we are using, I know that the relationship between psychotherapist and client is essential, and your actual experience of the therapy you are doing is most important. Because of this, I look to co-create a solid relationship with my clients, based on trust, openness, and effectively working as a team.

For over a decade, I have helped people to create a life, and express a self, that is a reflection of who they truly are on the inside. If you have any questions about who I am as a psychotherapist, or the way that I work, or about how this center works, or even about psychotherapy in general, please feel free to email me or to contact our admin team. I would be happy to meet with you to see what you might need and how a process like this can help.

I am involved in teaching and training of other psychotherapists at a local university. I am also pioneering a line of research that investigates how we experience connection in important life moments, including the impact that connection has on us as people. My line of research also includes couple connection experiences, yoga and partner yoga, personal and interpersonal growth and development, and the integration of Eastern contemplative and Western psychological perspectives.

My clinical specialties include: anxiety, depression and mood disturbances, couples and relational issues, self-growth and self-development, grief and loss, spirituality, and trauma, including physical and sexual traumas. I welcome clients of all genders and sexual orientations, faith backgrounds, and personal philosophies.