Ottawa Team

Leif-Erik Aune, B.A.

Some of life’s problems can seem too big or too impacting to solve by yourself. That is the time to ask for support. If you are looking for someone to hear you out and help you overcome a challenge, then you have come to the right place. You deserve a lot of credit for wanting to make a positive change in your life, and deciding to not do it alone.

I work with adults of all ages and from all walks of life as a supportive collaborator, which means that my commitment is to understand and appreciate each client’s experiences, and to work with them to achieve their goals. I try to see the world from my client’s perspective, and then bring new insights and points of view to expand our shared understanding and explore paths to progress.

I am multiculturally informed and provide treatment services for anger and emotion regulation, anxiety and stress, attention deficit and learning challenges, depression mood and grief, families, interpersonal relationships, obsessive compulsions, self-growth and self-esteem, sexuality and gender and relationship diversity, substance use, trauma psychology, and post-traumatic stress.

I am particularly interested in professional and career development, and in challenges in the workplace including self-esteem and interpersonal conflict. I am also interested in psychometric assessments for suggesting direction to clients’ professional lives, and for understanding their values, interests, and individual talents.

My clinical training spans cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and humanism. I am also training in psychodynamic and liberation psychology. As a result, my approach integrates a range of views and therapeutic practices and starts with listening to you. I want to understand your experience from your perspective, and then converse with you to explore and find deeper insights into what you’re going through. My approach allows me to create as much space as possible for you to fill with your concerns, motivations, feelings of conflict, and goals. 

Our first session will be a calm and safe space for you to speak to me about what’s troubling you. You might have a defined problem that you want to solve, or an experience or feeling that you want to understand. Or you might feel impacted by an event in your life and need to be seen and heard. I will listen and, when you’re ready to dive deeper, we’ll talk about your background and experiences in life that have led you to this moment. 

I have been coaching public servants on their motivation, and career and professional development since 2009, and am a member of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. I am a Co-Chair of Carleton University’s Measurement Working Group of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee.

I am a counsellor under the supervision of Joshua Peters, R.P. I am a student-member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and a CCPA Student Representative at the University of Ottawa.




THE CBT CLINIC and CPRI (Centre pour les Relations Interpersonelles – services in French) Grand Opening is January 2023!