Ottawa Team

Carl Newton, M.A.

I am true believer that anyone can benefit from therapy, no matter what their background or past circumstances. Nothing about the process is easy, whether it is making that first phone call, or going through the therapy process and facing yourself in a way that you may not have previously. If you are here reading this, you’ve already taken the first step, and proven that you have the courage to take more.

When we do meet, you can expect to be greeted warmly, and treated with respect. Your concerns will be met with empathy and honesty, and your well-being will be given priority. I am a strong believer, that above anything else, the therapeutic relationship is of the utmost importance, and will work on fostering an engaging relationship in which you can share aspects about yourself that you may not be comfortable sharing elsewhere in order to make discoveries and leaps forward that can help you live a better life. Above all this, you can expect that I will adhere by ethical principles, safeguarding and respecting your story in a confidential manner, and creating an environment that if safe for you.

From the moment we begin our first session, I will work from a framework with you that focuses on what the science says is the best approach to supporting you through various issues, while also accommodating your personal preferences that help make the process right for you. We will construct a comprehensive picture of your life, and what is working or not for you through scientific assessment as well as through our many conversations and explorations. With this set of goals, I will support you in taking steps forward that will help you find what you are looking for and to combat the symptoms that you wish to target. I will make every effort to understand you through our interactions together, your life history, your culture, and your social relationships. I have been trained in cognitive-behavioural and emotion-focused modalities and have been using these strategies to support clients for several years.

At the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships (CFIR), I am a Counsellor working with adults and couples under the supervision of Dr. Aleks Milosevic, C.Psych. Throughout my training, I’ve worked with children at risk involved with the child protection system in Ontario. I have provided counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults facing difficulties with anxiety and depression in private practices and clinics in various locations across the province. I have conducted assessments that explore individuals’ cognitive abilities to best understand their strengths, and how best to rely on them in private practices, school settings, and clinics. I have worked with various supervisors to formulate diagnoses that best help individuals make sense of their life experiences and create targets for intervention and change.

I conduct research in areas of trauma at the University of Ottawa, particularly child maltreatment and intimate partner violence, and seek to explore ways to make services more accessible for survivors. I have completed an undergraduate thesis examining attitudes towards violence and how best to modify them on a large scale. I conducted a thesis during my Master’s degree education that examined the effectiveness of various services in lowering the recidivism rate of child neglect. In my doctoral dissertation research, I am currently examining the effectiveness of a training program in improving professional responses to survivors of family violence. I have assisted in delivering courses to students focusing in areas of assessment, physiology, and clinical psychology. I have also been a lecturer in both child and adult clinical psychology courses. Below you can find my research publication, as well my professional affiliation.

Romano, E., Moorman, J., Bonneville, V., Newton, C., & Flynn, R. (2019). Adolescent males in out-of-home care: Past adversity and current functioning. Developmental Child Welfare1(3), 199-216.