Professionals require flexible psychological service options that fit with their hectic schedules! CFIR’s Associates offer corporate leaders, professionals and executives in both the private and public sector psychological services that fit with their schedules.

Help is just around the corner and in the most convenient way!

We support you to optimize your performance in the work place and enhance your leadership capacities, and provide you with care and skills to manage stress and improve your physical and mental health. Our psychologists and coaches are ready to help you take another step toward achieving what you deserve

Consultations and sessions are available on a wide range of health issues of most concern to corporate leaders, professionals and executives. Are you interested in any of the following?

  • Maintaining your physical and mental well-being (e.g., weight, stress, and lifestyle management, improving sleep)
  • Improving your emotional intelligence in the work place and at home (e.g., learn how to integrate important information about your and others’ emotions into your daily decision-making and communications)
  • Psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship and sexual problems (see our extensive list of psychological treatment and assessment services for you, your couple, your children and family) from clinicians who are well-trained in evidence-based interventions
  • Treatment for a substance use (i.e., alcohol, prescription or recreational drug use, steroids) issue, or sexual addiction or gambling problem that is provided anonymously, confidentially and privately through our secure video system
  • Strengthening your sense of self (i.e., building more self-confidence and healthy self-esteem) and your home and workplace relationships (i.e., building a more intimate, and satisfying emotional, physical and sexual connection in your couple relationship; building more connected and solid workplace relationships)
  • Couple and/or sex therapy with your partner in the privacy and comfort of your home
  • Leadership development and coaching (e.g., learn the core values and principles of being an effective, mindful and emotionally intelligent leader, and obtain support to enact these new skills in your workplace)
  • Managing complex work place relationships and navigating political work environments (e.g., learn how to manage difficult personalities and obtain your goals while maintaining solid relationships)

We provide you with the following features:

  • Flexible session times between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., 7 days/week
  • Convenient appointment options (e.g., office appointment times that fit your schedule, video-telepsychotherapy options, office or home visits)*
  • Secure video-telepsychotherapy services that allow you to book sessions at times that work best for you
  • No administration or cancellation fees --you can cancel 6 hours prior to your appointment time
  • Same day and priority booking
  • Multiple consultations available as needed in-person, through secure video-telepsychotherapy or by telephone
  • Psychologist available for consultation via email or by phone—a response provided within 8 hours, and usually within the hour

*Fee for travel time for office and home visits applicable.

For further information about how to seek services under this program, please contact DR. ALEKS MILOSEVIC, C.PSYCH. (Ottawa) (click here) or DR. LILA HAKIM, C.PSYCH. (Toronto) (click here).

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