Established in 2010. Over 65 clinicians to help you in Ontario, Quebec, Nova-Scotia, Nunavut & Yukon.

Confidential. Compassionate. Caring.

Our approach to supporting our clients is to ensure a level of comfort, ensuring you are at ease before, during and after your visit.

In Person



A Client-First Mindset

All the choices we make at CFIR are made with our clients in mind, that goes from the services we offer to the locations we choose.

Full Service

Our clinicians offer a variety of scientific and evidence-based therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Downtown Locations

The location of CFIR in both Ottawa and Toronto were carefully and deliberately chosen to ensure ease of access for our clients.

Affordable Services

Clinicians at CFIR aim to ensure there are as few barriers as possible for people to find the answers they are looking for.

Professional Guidance

Our clinicians will listen to you and based on your concerns and needs work collaboratively with you.

Who We Help

Services For All

Our team provides a wide range of treatments and assessments that are suitable for any age or background.







Check the new CBT CLINIC and CPRI (Centre pour les Relations Interpersonelles – services in French) sections.